Your climb begins with Reach

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A league and ladder built for climbing

Each week in Reach, 10% of players in every division will be moved up to challenge the next highest tier of play. Promotion is always tangible, and division scoring resets every week, so even if you don’t make the cut, your odds next week look even better. Reach is for challenging yourself at higher levels of play.

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Pinnacle, the spotlight on you

All of the promotion systems in Reach feed into one end goal - Pinnacle. Pinnacle features the absolute best players the world has to offer, both pro and otherwise. With weekly content highlighting your games and your play, making a name for yourself starts with Reach. With over $240,000 of prize money, Pinnacle is your first step towards the ESL Academy delivered by DHL and turning Dota into a career.

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Reach is purpose-built to support the Tier 2 scene, and anyone working to better themselves in a competitive environment.


A schedule you can plan for

Reach operates on a weekly schedule of play sessions running exclusively on evenings and weekends, with a point system that emphasizes a smaller sample size of games. Even if you go to school or maintain a day job, your placement will reflect your performance, not just your capacity to play mindlessly. Reach isn’t for grinding. Quality over quantity.

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Administration you can count on

Reach has a zero tolerance policy for negative in-game behaviors. We’ve brought on a team of highly experienced admins to monitor every active play session, and ensure that intentional feeding, griefing, and match dodging is met with immediate and permanent bans. Reach is for serious and competitive play.

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Getting Started

Reach is available to everyone and makes getting started easy. Our insight from Dotabuff will ensure that you’re placed appropriately in Reach, so there’s no guess-work and calibration when you join us. Then it’s as simple as selecting your region, and you’re off to the races. You’ll begin earning points from the first game you play, and by the end of week 1, you may already be taking steps towards the Pinnacle.

Reach is for you.

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