Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Reach?

The Reach platform was built in partnership by Elo Entertainment (Dotabuff), and ESL. We worked tirelessly to bring the same attention to detail from Dotabuff to Reach, and aim to continue supporting it with advanced statistics and analysis of your Reach matches.

Who can play on Reach?

Reach is open to anyone with an active subscription and our seeding algorithms will place you in an appropriate skill Tier for your level. Reach is built to be a competitively minded environment where players aim to better themselves and take the game seriously.

What do I get for my subscription?

A Reach subscription provides full access to the Reach platform, including our proprietary matchmaking, with custom behavior and reporting tools, eligibility for all prizing, advanced stats and match breakdowns, and profiles dedicated to showcasing you at your best. In addition, all Reach subscribers receive Dotabuff Plus and all of the perks associated with it for the entire duration of their Reach subscription.

What regions are currently supported?

We currently support North America and Europe. NA games are hosted on the USE server and EU games are hosted on EUW. Players are free to play on the server of their preference, but may only earn prizes in one, and may only compete in one Pinnacle division per sprint. If a player switches their region while in Pinnacle, they will be dropped to contender in the new region.

When can I play?

Reach operates on a schedule that can be found here. We do this to concentrate the queues to ensure that games can easily be found and competitiveness can remain high at all times. Reference the schedule page for details on when Reach goes live in your local time zone.

How does scoring work?

Players in Reach are scored on a per-day scoring system. Daily scoring resets after the active play session every day. For each day of play, players can earn the following point totals for each game they play

  • 1st to 6th game - +4 points per win, -4 points per loss
  • 7th game onward - +2 points per win, -2 points per loss
  • First 3 wins - Bonus +2 points

For further details on the specifics of tie-breakers and promotion/demotion, please visit our rules page.

What is a "Sprint"?

A sprint is a set amount of time in which players can earn points. At the end of each sprint, prizes are awarded to the top placing Pinnacle players, and their score is recorded towards a season-long total. Contender level players are promoted and demoted between Tiers at the end of a sprint as well. Sprints are typically run four times monthly, resulting in an average duration of a week, give or take a day or two. See our rules for further explanations of how sprints and seasons are structured.

What are the prizes?

Reach awards $20,000 USD to players every month across our two regions, with 100% of that prize pool dedicated to amateur and up-and-coming players. You can see further breakdowns based on placement on the leaderboards and can read further into the particulars of the scoring systems that determine that placement on the rules.

What is the ESL Academy delivered by DHL?

ESL Academy delivered by DHL is the step between amateur and professional play. Place in the top 40 players across a full season of Reach play, and you’ll be eligible to be drafted to attend an ESL Academy delivered by DHL. You’ll be given the full player treatment at an ESL One Dota event. Flights, hotels, player lounge access, and coaching as you compete in a side tournament dedicated to showcasing you and your skills. The Academy program aims to elevate your game while putting you in situations where you can network with pros and form relationships that can drive your Dota career.

I've won a prize, how do I claim it?

First, please ensure that all personal information on your “Account and Billing” page is filled out. Without this information, ESL will not be able to contact you about your prize and provide next steps. If all of this information is filled out and you haven’t heard from ESL within 30 days of winning your prize, please contact and we’ll assist you as quickly as we can.

How do I report an issue with Reach?

For any issues relating to the functionality or general experience of Reach, please send an email to Be sure to include as much detail as possible including screenshots, relevant match IDs, or error messages if you encounter any. We may not respond immediately, but will check these issues regularly and prioritize them among others we receive to provide you with the best experience possible on the site.

How can I request a feature on Reach?

We love hearing your ideas for how we can improve and better the platform. If you have ideas for how it could be even better, please either email us at, or visit our community discord where there are feedback and discussion channels. Staff may not interact in discord directly, but will check in often to see what our community is interested in seeing.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly by emailing