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I'm a pos 1 player who generally has a positive attitude and has a passion for dota and really wants to go pro. I'm currently 8.1k mmr , with my peak being 8.7(which was rank 30 at the time) and I prefer a more agressive style of playing, hence why my best heroes consist of heroes like monkey king, bloodseeker and ember. I'm 18 years old and I haven't got much expierence, but I've been to one lan so far and had a great time there. I regularly shot call and try to captain in games but I'm not fantastic at it, and the main reason i do it in the first place is because noone else is willing to. I also like clowning around a bit sometimes, and just generally having fun in the game.(which does lose me some mmr from time to time), but I know when to take games seriously.

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