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Hey, I'm yarin (aka yarintheslayer). I have been playing since DotA 1 days. I have played various roles in the past but figured position 4 is what fits me the most, as it is easier to make moves and control the flow of the game. I have some competitive experience from 2014-2015, participating in some small tournaments (and winning some), and then I went to do almost 5 years of army service, which I finished about 7 months ago to pursue my dream of becoming a professional DotA player. I have also recently attended my first DotA LAN tournament in South Korea. I am a fast learner, highly ambitious towards my goal and willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I'm very good at adapting to any situations in the game, and I make a lot of calls as I usually like to be in control of the flow. My peak MMR was 7600 in 2016 (ex-rank 12), and I haven't been able to climb further due to the army, but I am ready now more than ever. I have finished top-10 in almost every sprint on reach, and I believe I am a very consistent players with a high variety of skills and mechanics.

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