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Hello there, I'm Andrew and I'm from Iasi, Romania. I'm 24 and got my computer sciences bachelor's degree and am working towards my masters degree. I mostly play mid but I really enjoy playing pos 3 and 4 as well. My peak mmr was 7.8 in august 2019 but I dropped a lot since two of my family members had some serious health issues and mostly used DotA as a way to blow off steam. I have played in a couple of teams before, winning some small tournaments and even made our way to closed qualifier for big tournaments like epicenter with teams like NoBountyHunters, Natum Spes, Moriarty. What I bring to the table as a teammate is that I am really good at solving conflicts and making sure that everyone's opinion is heard so that there are no frustrations that could hinder the well-being of the team. My biggest flaw is that my thoughts are usually all over the place but I try my best to keep it in check by writing down any ideas or matchups to make sure I don't forget anything. I have played on stage before in front of audiences(romanian lans like asus ROG or dreamhack) and it did not affect me. I prefer being the playmaker but in the last couple of months I have also tried to play more farming-oriented heroes because I strongly belive that being able to change/adapt your gamestyle is very important for improving your gamesense and overall winrate. Heroes like Puck, Ember, Void Spirit, SF, QOP are my favourite and even though i sometimes fail I really enjoy trying different builds on them


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